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    Default Windows 8 can't connect to Internet?

    I installed Windows 8 on my desktop and laptop, but the laptop can't connect to the internet. When I diagnose the problem, it can't find the problem. I'm using dell laptop. The notification on the corner of the desktop says that I'm connected. what can I do? how to fix this?

    any information would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Windows 8 can't connect to Internet?


    1. Sounds silly but, make sure the wireless button is in the ON position.
    Do 2 & 3 simultaneously
    2. Power cycle both the modem & the router; let the modem lock before repowering the router.
    3. Uninstall the wireless net adapter & reboot.

    By the way, what is your main Operating System & what machine is running that? Do you have a 3rd computer that is your production machine?

    If, Windows8 is all you have on all your machines then, you are in some pretty deep caca


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    Default Re: Windows 8 can't connect to Internet?

    I was just going to ask, Why would you install a beta test OS on 2 separate PC's. This beta test OS is due to deactivate shortly. The next beta test OS, Win 8 RP is due to be released in early June, as we have mentioned dozens of times, after which time Win 8 CP will automatically deactivate. It may be several months before this beta testing OS deactivates, but it will do so and then you will be totally dead in the water.

    Or you can go through the whole process again in a couple of weeks when Win 8 RP is released. Oh by the way, there is no upgrade path from beta to beta OS so you will have to do a clean install. This means all your apps have to be re-installed as well, on both PC's. You may want to consider re-installing your original OS on one of those PC's, unless of course you do have a 3rd PC with the original OS still active.

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