Hey guys,

My HP notebook has 4GB RAM and dual core duo proc. at the very beginning, i've installed windows 8 beta 64 bit on it, but my connection speeds are 30 mbps down,5mbps up. through the downspeed test, there is nothing wrong my pc. so i just wondering maybe it will be OK if i upgraded to windows 8. then i have windows 8 installed on my pc but my download speeds have dropped drastically. I get between 3.5 and 7,but my upload speeds remain over 5. I have all the latest drivers installed and everything else about Windows 8 works great.

Has anyone experienced the drastic drop in downl;oad speed in windows 8? i know you guys in this windows 8 forums have similiar or the same experience in this., so i am waiting here for your help.

many thanks in advance.