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    Unhappy No "Wireless" option under "PC Settings"

    I'm trying to help a friend who has a Gateway - Windows 8 - DESKTOP pc. I restored her computer to the factory setting by selecting, "Fully clean the drive".

    Once reset, now under "PC Settings" there is NO "Wireless" option at all. It's simply not there! There are no wifi bars on the bottom right of the screen, nothing! I need to set up a wireless network on that computer. She has a Comcast all-in-one cable modem/router, which is working perfectly fine on my Windows 7 laptop. I have the name of the network and the network key/password, but again there is no wireless option on her computer for me to set it up for her.

    The network drivers are there and up-to-date. I don't know what else to do.


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    Default Re: No "Wireless" option under "PC Settings"

    Have you tried the repair option on the wireless card?
    No, where and how do I do that?

    Alternatively, you can plug an Ethernet cable in & check for updates for the driver.
    That will be a real pain because the cable/modem is no where near where the desktop is set up.

    Look in the Device Manager for the wi-fi card.
    Will it be recognizable? Will it say "wi-fi"?

    The latest drivers can be downloaded from the OEM of the manufacturer of the card.
    It said that my drivers were up-to-date.

    You may need to uninstall the card from the Device manager & let Windows find/reinstall the driver.
    That kind of scares me but I guess I can try that.
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    Default Re: No "Wireless" option under "PC Settings"

    This is just a suggestion for the next endeavor when you try and help some one else reset there OEM PC.

    With OEM PC, that is a purchased PC from a retail store, I recommend using the built in software from the vendor on factory resetting a PC.

    This is Gateways procedure.....

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    Default Re: No "Wireless" option under "PC Settings"

    Open Control Panel>>>Network and Sharing Center>>> Change Adapter Settings... do you see any icons like "Local Area Connection" and ""Wireless Network Connection"? You may have to enable Local Area Connection and enable Wireless Network Connection.

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    Default Re: No "Wireless" option under "PC Settings"

    It turns out my friend's computer is NOT wifi ready. I ordered a wireless USB adapter. Thanks anyway.

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