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    Exclamation Metro tiles can't connect to internet !!

    My weather, news, finance, bing, travel and maps tiles can never connect to internet even though I can, at the same time, browse and download. I tried to figure it out in many ways but failed eventually . When I click any of those tiles, it opens and a message pops up and says the app cannot connect to the internet. The network indicator on top-right side of the tile also shows 'Offline'. The tiles show sample data only. My computer gets automatically connected to internet after log in. So the tiles should have got connected. I'm really frustrated now Please give me a solution ..

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    Default Re: Metro tiles can't connect to internet !!

    Which version of Win 8 are you using? Weird failures like these seem to almost always be corrupt installations. I would start over and download the ISO file again, slow burn the ISO file to a DVD and Custom Install the OS again.

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    Default Re: Metro tiles can't connect to internet !!

    jwd.s, welcome to the Forum!

    One thing that may save you time, as well as DVD's, & the few "coasters" in the package, is a USB Flash drive install. All that's needed are the ISO (& COA) of the Windows 8 RP that you're installing, a 4GB Flash drive, & the tool on this page, Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool (in red print on the page).

    Microsoft Store Online

    Install the tool to your present OS. If the Flash drive has any contents that you wish to retain, back it up for quick restore, 4GB doesn't take long to backup, even if it were full.

    Then insert the Flash drive & open the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool, it's self explanatory as to what to do. Step 1, point it to the ISO image that you're using, & select USB device, it'll ask you which one, if more than one is inserted, answer this, the rest will take care of itself, formatting & all.

    This takes bad burns & scratched disks out of the picture, as well as a faster install. Be sure that the computer is bootable from a Flash drive before doing it, by inserting it, & rebooting, holding down whatever key that gives the boot device options. On most modern computers, a Flash drive should boot.

    Note that on the same page, there are a couple of extra requirements if this is done from XP. The first, most XP users should have, as it's required for a lot of software & some drivers. The second, this is the first time that I've seen it, but it's a necessity here.

    Post back if you have further issues.


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