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    Default Lost internet connection after running virus scan with Ad-Aware

    Hi all,

    My Windows 8 Consumer Preview had been working good since I have installed. Today I run a virus scan with Ad-Aware, I disconnnect to internet. Also, I get this error message: "The remote device or resource won't accept the connection. Detected"

    Troubleshooting shows that the internet is connected, but I cannot access my router or the internet at all via any browser; IE 10 Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Lost internet connection after running virus scan with Ad-Aware

    First, Uninstall AdAware right away. It has gotten bad in recent years.

    Are you using Avast AV Security Suite v7 by any chance? This suite has a known issue. It actually believes some of the Windows system files need to be quarantined.

    If so uninstall Avast as well.

    In either case, you might have to do a System Restore or a Refresh to restore the system files.

    To do a System Restore from a Restore Point:
    Select My Computer

    Highlight C Drive and in Taskbar select System Properties

    To left select System Protection

    In the System Restore section select the System Restore Button and follow the prompts

Thread: Lost internet connection after running virus scan with Ad-Aware - Windows 8

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