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    Tamara Banks

    Default IP address wifi adaptor issues


    I have recently upgraded my computer (desktop with a built in wireless adaptor) to windows 8 and at first my wifi was working fine, and then I was having problems with the wifi turning back on after my computer went into hibination and had to reboot eachtime for my computer to be able to actually connect to my network and no suddenly its not connecting at all.

    My computer picks up my network name okay and automaticly connects to it but it comes up with "unidentified network - no internet access" I've run the trouble shot and it says "wifi does not have a valid IP address" I tried running all sorts of trouble shot programs and it wont fix it, I've managed to change the network setting to a private one after finding out it was set as a public one (my computer has always been set to share with the other computers in my house and ps3), I've changed the firewall settings and I've tried to access the router settings (sky) but it wont let me access it (online website - tried accessing it through a dongle connection and still wont load) All my other computers are working and connecting to the network just fine and theres been no changes made to the network. Its just my desktop computer with windows 8. I've looked at lots of other forums with similar problems and have tried everything I can but still nothing is working - My computer knowledge isn't too bad but somethings are just beyond me and I cannot find the problem myself please somebody help.

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    What kind of computer are you using? Did you check for any driver updates from the manufacturer?

Thread: IP address wifi adaptor issues - Windows 8


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