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    Question Internet/Network Bandwidth Limiter?

    hello everyone, I am a fresher from Taiwan,

    sorry about the English I am going to use,
    and the looooong paragraph, just want to describe as detail as I can *blush*

    Anyway, here's the problem I couldn't found on all the other forums where i live,

    This is what I am trying to achieve:
    Install softwares such as NetLimiter or NetBalancer to limit the Incoming and Outgoing speed.
    or if there's any better ways to do so, please reply below, it would be really grateful!
    but no hardware such as Router with QoS controls please

    The scenario:
    The machine is connected directly to the Modem, with "Wired Local Area Network"
    With no additional Networking Interfaces,
    And connected to the internet via using PPPoE dial set on the Windows 8.

    Everything is fine with the setup above, but since I want to restrict the Incoming/Outgoing speed of the machine,
    I installed what I usually use on Windows 7, NetLimiter Pro or NetBalancer
    These two program I described above installed with out any compatibility issue dialog on Windows 8,
    But after the installation and re-boot, the "Wired Local Area Network" shows "limited network connectivity"
    but the PPPoE status shows "Connected", a thou the PPPoE are showing "Connected" but I can not access to the Internet.

    I am guessing either there's a bug with the priority between "Local Area Network" and "PPPoE Connection"
    there is just simply a compatibility issue with these programs

    Thank you for reading this !!! (Y)

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    Default Re: Internet/Network Bandwidth Limiter?

    What edition your windows 8 is? If you are using Windows 8 Beta, you need to upgrade to Windows 8 final release, which should fix this issue.
    If you are using the final release, try to check if there are third party programs, like firewall, disable them to check if that works.

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    Default Re: Internet/Network Bandwidth Limiter?

    I guess this issue is a compatibility issue. Although windows 8 is final release, the program developers cant update immediately.

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    Default Re: Internet/Network Bandwidth Limiter?

    I would start by uninstalling Netlimiter. The app obviously has not been updated for use with Win 8. Unfortunately MS has not been able to check compatibility with all apps available.

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