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    Default Forgot how to connect wirelessly

    First off, I didn't forget how to connect wirelessly, my laptop did. I had just set up a home network, used my laptop to configure the modem/wireless router while plugged in to the modem, then disconnected and set it up to connect wirelessly. It worked for about a day, I downloaded audio files, browsed the web, and downloaded a program I use for work. since it was going to take a while I let it go, but it may have gone to sleep in the middle of the download. Anyway, now under the networks window I can't detect any networks. I know for a fact the network is working b/c my desktop is connected wirelessly. I checked the wireless adapater in device manager and it says everything is fine. Why can't I find my (or others) network and what steps should I take?

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    First I would reboot the laptop if you haven't all ready. Then I would run the wifi trouble shooter by right clicking the wifi icon and select trouble shooter and see what it says. Then I would reboot the router/modem by unplugging it for 15 seconds and then plug it back in.

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    Recently the wireless on the laptop has been behaving strangely. I used to have to reset the wi-fi adapter after coming out of sleep. but I've been using it more often and changed the power options so it doesn't go to sleep in such a short amount of time. The wireless will stop working in the middle of a session. The same troubleshooter still fixes it but it's been happening much more often.

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