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    Default What is video tdr error?


    I am using windows 8 release preview. About 3 4 days ago, I restarted my pc and after boot it shows video tdr error something.

    I tired to enter safe mode, it's working fine.Also when I installed windows xp then the same thing occurs so whast the problem?

    What is video tdr error?

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    Default Re: What is video tdr error?

    A Google search of this error shows this is some kind of Graphics problem. I would start by reseating your graphics card (if it is a separate card) or obtaining the latest driver for whichever OS you are using. It's possible your Graphics Card is going bad. If you have integrated graphics, you might need to add a graphics card (you do not say, if this is a desktop this is possible, a laptop much more difficult) You might need to visit a qualified technician.

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    Default Re: What is video tdr error?

    This is known as a TDR (Timeout Detection and Recovery) fault. What happens is the Graphics Display driver for the installed graphics card stops responding. When this happens, windows wil stop and restart the driver to fix the problem.

Thread: What is video tdr error? - Windows 8

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