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    So I have a bunch of tracks by a teacher and most of them come up correctly in the music player but there are about 20 that come up as weird names like bob marley, Madonna, etc. Why would this be? I have already checked the artist names album names etc. in the files I don't see anything that would cause this any ideas?

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    Ok so now there are a bunch of songs as well that come up wrong. it says the wrong artist and album but when I click on it it plays the right file. With one song I could see that music player just found whatever it could to match the information it had so I went to the file and manually changed the album and artists and producer to what they should be. The song in music player still is listed as a totally different artist and album. I even deleted it then re added it after making the changes and the same problem is there. ANYONE have an answer? At this point if I could just manually change them in music player that would be great.

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