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    Default Real Player cant work on windows 8 RP

    Hi all,

    I'm running the 64-bit version of Windows 8 Release Preview, and I can't get Real Player to work. Only audio will play, not video, no matter what type of file. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the Real Player, but still won't play.

    The download video feature won't work, either. Even though the add-in is enabled in both IE10 and a new installation of Chrome, the "Download this Video" button will not pop up in either browser. Real acknowledges that the downloader does not work in the 64-bit version of IE9. Since I installed the 64-bit version of Windows 8 RP, does that mean I'm running a 64-bit version of IE10?

    Any fix?

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    Default Re: Real Player cant work on windows 8 RP

    Real Player has always been a security risk, Try VLC player.

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    Default Re: Real Player cant work on windows 8 RP

    I've cleaned several computers that got infected through using Real Player. Very insecure software.

    VLC Player is the best 3rd party media player that I've used, there is a Windows & Linux version of the app. Has the best reviews also.

    Also, unless something has changed, Chrome has been causing issues on Win 8 RP user's computers, like freezing & locking up. There is another version available, or soon will be, originally it was going to be a "Metro" browser, don't know what they'll be calling it now.

    You may wish to try Firefox or Opera, if you don't care to use IE. Opera is initially easier to use, but Firefox with the right extensions is the better of the two, I've been running FF for 3 years now.


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    Default Re: Real Player cant work on windows 8 RP

    I would suggest you to update the video card drivers and check if it helps.
    To update the Video card drivers, follow these steps.
    a) Press Windows Key +R, type devmgmt.msc, hit Enter.
    b) Expand the Video card drivers, right click on the drivers.
    c) Click on properties, click on Driver, click on Update Driver.
    d) Click on Apply, click OK.
    Since this is a Release Preview some programs may or may not function correctly until the Final Release.

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