Hey guys,

So I'm struggling a bit in understanding how the playlists in the music app work. I created a simple playlist of 5 songs to play around with. I navigated to the playlist by going My Music --> Playlists and clicked on it. A window popped up that showed the songs in it and such. Now I can click on the "Play" button on the left side of the window, and the playlist will play (starting with track 1) and I can use the "Next" and "Previous" buttons to navigate through the songs in the playlist accordingly. All is well. Now the strange part. Say I click on that same playlist, but now go to song 3 and click on it, then click on the "Play" button that appears directly next to the track title of the third song, thus playing the third song. But now, I can't use the "Next" button to skip to the 4th song, or the "Previous" button to get to the 2nd song. They are greyed out and can't be clicked. Now when the song is over, it just ends. It doesn't continue to song 4. I have to go back into the Music app and select the next song to be played. Am I missing something? Because I feel like that shouldn't work like that... once song 3 is over I feel like song 4 should automatically start playing.

Sorry for the long post. Trying to be as descriptive as I can.
Thanks in advance for the help!