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    Question Media Player Does not organize music with downloaded info

    Hi, i´m using Windows Media Player to organize and manage album and artist information on my Music Library, the problem is that in Win7 Player open new folders to place files (example: In folder Metallica you will have all albums folders and inside all music from that album), when an unknown file is recognized though the web (CDDB) that file moves into a folder named with artist and inside the album folder. Problem is that WMP en Win8 does not move files into organized folders, just complete info from web and let the file dumped into Music folder mixed with all other files.

    Even when you click on all Library settings to download info, rename wrong files names and move and organize music, it didn´t do it!

    Question is: How can i tell WMP to do what i want?

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    Default Re: Media Player Does not organize music with downloaded info

    may be this would help you fix your problem.

Thread: Media Player Does not organize music with downloaded info - Windows 8

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