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    Welsh Dragon

    Default iplayers won't work on windows 8

    Not sure if I have posted this in the right section but am concerned about BBC iplayer and ITV iplayer stopping all the time on my Toshiba Laptop ~ for some reason the programme starts then stops after a minute then the little circle keeps going around and around but the programme won't play, it's so frustrating it used to work ok on my old Packard Bell (Windows XP) but not on this new one. I have tried to do all the Adobe Flash Shockwave website has said on their instructions but it still won't work so any suggestions please?

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    Default Re: iplayers won't work on windows 8

    It's probably because Win 8 is outputting the video in HD and your internet connection can't catch up with the steaming quality. Just my thought.

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    Welsh Dragon

    Default Re: iplayers won't work on windows 8

    Hi thanks
    It plays ok on my other laptop XP with no problem and I phoned Orange/EE and I can change the channel frequency to push out a bit more but haven't tried it yet so maybe I should give it a go then?

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    Same problem on my computer I don't think I'm ready to give up on W8 because of iPlayers or iPlayers because of W8. It looks like a tough dilemma

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