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    Default Changing folder when importing photos NOT working. Help!!

    I have just gotten a new system with Windows 8. I am connecting a Canon EOS digital camera through a USB and using the "Import Photos" option. I would like to DL my photos to a sub folder I created named "Canon" in my "My Pictures" folder. I have searched the forum here and found a post related to this issue and I did as it instructed. i.e.,

    "1. Go to "My Computer"
    2. Right click on your device (i.e. camera)
    3. Select "Import pictures and video"
    4. Select "More options"
    You can change your import folders there. "

    It continues to DL my photos to the new dated folder it creates to the main "My Pictures" folder. Not the "Canon" folder.

    When I go back to the "More Options" is still shows my "Canon" folder as the directory to DL to. But when I connect the camera and "tap here for action" and use the "Import Photos/Videos" option, it still places the date folder it creates in the main" My Pictures" folder rather than the "Canon" folder inside My Pictures folder.
    It does work properly if I plug in the camera and go through "My Computer"> right click and basically do all the steps referenced above. But that is a lot of steps to do each time. It is NOT working with simply connecting the camera and going through the "Tap here for action" option.

    Any way to get it to go to my Canon folder when I connect the camera and just click "Import Photos"?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Changing folder when importing photos NOT working. Help!!

    I thinks it's because you're using the metro app to import your pictures, which has limited functions. I personally use the later method you mentioned, it's just easier for me.

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    Default Re: Changing folder when importing photos NOT working. Help!!

    Can I make a shortcut to my Canon Camera then on my Desktop? So I can have one less click to do this?

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