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    Default can't stream Amazon Instant Videos


    I cant go to stream Amazon Instant Video on Windows 8, it shows me a black screen.

    The progress bar at the bottom of where the video should be ticks off the seconds as if it were actually playing, but nothing ever gets played.

    I've tried both Firefox and Internet Explorer, but still cant work. I can stream videos on YouTube, and various other sites without a problem.

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    Default Re: can't stream Amazon Instant Videos

    "At this time, Amazon Instant Videos can't be watched on Windows 8. As the operating system is in Beta stage, we're unable to verify the compatibility with the Amazon Instant Videos. We're working on it to make the Amazon Instant Videos available to played on Windows 8."

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    Default Re: can't stream Amazon Instant Videos

    hsinwo, welcome to the forum!

    Probably, or should I say hopefully, this feature will work in the upcoming release of Windows 8 RP in June. A clean install will be required, but you'll have a far more functional product.

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Thread: can't stream Amazon Instant Videos - Windows 8

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