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    Default Switching from and to Word 2010 unbearable slow

    Hello everybody,

    I am an university student and the essay writing season has already begun.
    I haven't been able to do anything productive so far because Word 2010 doesn't work properly for me.

    The problem which hinders me from my university work is as follows:

    Whilst writing essays, it is necessary for me to frequently switch between Word and Firefox to read articles, look words up or continue my general research on various topics.
    Once opened Word 2010, it takes at least 5 seconds to minimize or maximize the programme which in return makes it impossible to work properly on my writing.

    Has anyone of you experienced the same problem and knows how to speed the closing/opening of Word 2010 up? I really need to know what to do since my work is due soon! I recently just bought this computer so I can't say that something went wrong because I have changed something.

    Thank you so much for furhter explanation in this matter.


    Technical details of my PC:

    Intel Core
    i3-3110M CPU
    2.4 GHz

    4,00 GB (3,82 GB usable) installed memory RAM

    System type
    64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

    Windows Version 8.1

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    Default Re: Switching from and to Word 2010 unbearable slow

    Here's a simple solution... Use Snap. That way you can have Word & the browser share the screen simultaneously.

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    Default Re: Switching from and to Word 2010 unbearable slow

    hey, thanks for that fast answer and sorry for the late reply. I was too busy with uni work to test your suggestion until recently.
    unfortunately, it doesn't really work for me, the main problem is the switching between the programs so whenever I click in another window, no matter if firefox, thunderbird, vcl player, microsoft word (...), the system needs a few secons to stabalize before I can start working with these programs. for uni work and essay writing, research and writing at the same time, that's not a ideal situation and makes it very hard to use. I downloaded kingsoft writer which proved itself as a good alternative, but I, however, want to go back to microsoft word. to my surprise, the average 4-5 seconds program switching time (after opening microsoft word) vanished. I never had problems like this with my former computer so I reckon it must be something related to windows 8 since the technical details of my computer remained the same or even improved at some points when I bought a new one.

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