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    Default locating my normal.dotm for Word 2012 in Windows 8

    Okay, here's my issue. I am a long time Windows 7 user with Word 2010. When locating the normal template (normal.dotm), one would have to run a search for this: %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates. Once located, you can open containing file, do a quick copy and paste to replace with an already existing normal template, and voila, you have your established normal template, complete with auto text/auto correct, macros, etc. I would like to do this for Windows 8, but by all that is holy, I cannot find it anywhere and it seems like there is no info on the interwebs in helping me locate it. Does anyone out here have any clue in how to find the normal template so that I may replace it with my MUCH larger normal template file? I cannot work using Word if it is starting at ground zero. I have seven years of auto text/auto corrects and macros built up. Please point me in the right direction if you know how to find this. Thanks so much. -Lisa

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    Default Re: locating my normal.dotm for Word 2012 in Windows 8

    Apparenlty, Win 8 word templates are XML-enabled by default (.dotx). Windows 7 is Macro-enabled by default (.dotm). Maybe you need to save your .Dotm files as .Dotx

    Here's a good read about the template files:

    Open dotx and dotm files

    I hope this helps.

Thread: locating my normal.dotm for Word 2012 in Windows 8 - Windows 8

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