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    Default How Do I Save to OneDrive?

    I run Win8.1 which, as you know, includes access to OneDrive. I also am slowly learning to use Office 365. When I compose a document in Word, I have the option to save that document. As far as I can tell it is just saved locally. If possible I would also be able to save it to One Drive. Currently, I have just one laptop and I don't really need to access my documents from a remote location. However, it is possible I might want to be able to do that in the future.
    As you can likely tell, I am on the lowest rung of the cyber/Microsoft/Office ladder.


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    You need to download and install the OneDrive desktop app (or just download the app from Windows store). It will create a local folder in your desktop where you can browse to save your files. During setup, it will give you options for online sync where copies of your files will be saved on the cloud that you can access anywhere from any computer if you go to You will need to create a login account or simply use your existing Microsoft account.

    Here's the download page:

    Here's some FAQ about OneDrive: OneDrive desktop app for Windows: FAQ - OneDrive Help

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