I am test my skydrive today. I am using the 25GB storage for free. I added a doc document into skydrive. I am trying to open this document, it says "word web app cant open the document" and asks me to open in word (see the screenshot below).

Attachment 494

Then I try to open it in word and click "open in word", a message comes:

"To open this document, your computer must be running a supported version of Microsoft Word.

If you have an older version of Office or no Office at all, you can try Microsoft Office 2010 for free." (see the screenshot below)

Attachment 495

My current office is office 2007. Does this message mean that office 2007 cant support skydrive? So I click "try office 2010" . A installation box comes. (see the screenshot below)

Attachment 496

After I click "install", it begins to download a unkown software. If I click that software to install, the computer does not allow me to install. (see the screenshot below)

Attachment 497

Of course, I click "OK", the message disappear and I dont know if this software is installed. But I know I still cant open my .doc document in skydrive. If I try to open this .doc in my windows live account, same problem.

Is this problem caused by my office 2007? But why my computer does allow me to install office 2010? I have to uninstall 2007 firstly? Thank you!