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    Default Re: outlook.pst is not an outlook data file

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    Hi everyone,

    I have a problem with outlook 2010. I am trying to import a data file that I have placed on my desk top called outlook.pst. I am getting an error message stating " C:\...\outlook.pst is not an Outlook data file (.pst).

    The Outlook.pst is outlook file but its saying is not and outlook file. Is there anything wrong? That sounds weird.

    Please post if you have any suggestion. Thank you.

    Outlook PST repair software is a powerful tool that can recover your data successfully from corrupt pst file that includes all the attachments, email messages,notes,zipped attachments, image files,journals, contact addresses,calendar and email properties such as To, From, Subject, BCC, CC.You can get more details about this tool from here

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    Default Re: outlook.pst is not an outlook data file

    You can try RecoveryFix for Outlook tool to repair large number of inaccessible outlook PST files and user accounts in one cycle. This utility extracts all data such as emails, email properties, attachments, calendars, drafts, notes and other items from the corrupt personal storage tables.

    Read more-

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Thread: outlook.pst is not an outlook data file - Windows 8

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