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About Brandy Leader Cagle
married to Howard Lynn Cagle (19yrs. now),(6-4-94), and have 2 beautiful girls, Brittany (1995),Shirley (2005), and I am owned by a Tennessee Walking Horse, 2 Pitbulls, Chiapin and a Teacup Chihuahua. Oh...and a crazy buck wild cat that you can't touch but i love him...not a nature! i am glad to know that my family can survive on wild meat and plants when needed. i love to cuddle up with my daughters and watch chic flicks, and then can't wait to have alone time with my husband. i like receiving and giving advice about pets. i'm all for promoting the fight against animal cruelty,putting an end to backyard breeders, and finding a cure to fight cancer (my mom currently has stage 4 liver cancer and also has throat cancer). it's ok to buy a dog from a reputable breeder...even better to rescue one. "i miss my sister julie slankster will to no end" :(
Visiting National Parks, Animals, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing The Horseback Riding Block on Yardsellr,


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bluetooth doesnt work along with several others. open GL not supported 06-14-2012
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