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    Post WMC to be discontinued on Windows 10

    Well this is just a short heads up post. Windows Media Center is now dead has been discontinued. Microsoft did announce this during the developer conference and thus it wont be shipping with Windows 10. Bad news for you if you rely on it a lot.

    As for as Windows Media Center I rarely use it. For those who watch cable TV on the desktop XBMC or Miro may be a replacement. But I dont think many have a TV tune card plugged into their desktop. The only option now is to use Xbox which comes with a TV Tuner card built in.
    So well just comment what you feel. I think WMP does need a good refresh.

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    Default Re: WMC to be discontinued on Windows 10

    I just read about that, in today's Windows Secrets Newsletter.
    In the article they said that most of the world never has or never will use WMC, so why devote anymore time, labor, or space to it?
    It's like Movie Maker, which I've long wanted to Delete, but which also wouldn't leave.

    I've love to see MS Windows stripped down to its core, with all the extra stuff optional and downloadable for those who want it. And NOT just getting in the way, for those who don't.

    I once saw a version of Windows XP called, "Stripped to the Bone". It would install in just 15 minutes and was refreshingly uncluttered with unnecessary apps.
    I'd love to see such a version of Windows 10.

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