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    Default Why doesn't the screen saver work?


    When I set the screen saver, and it won't come on. When you go to preview it will come on for half of a second and then go off. I've checked and the video card works fine and is up to date on drivers. This hasn't been for just Win 8 but also 7 and Vista.

    Is there something I could do/install that would make it come on and stay on? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Why doesn't the screen saver work?

    There might be something in Power Settings that you have to reset.

    If you have upgraded from Vista to Win 7 then to Win 8 CP you could very easily brought forward a problem from one OS to the next.

    This is one of the biggest reasons why I always recommend a Custom (Clean) install when moving from one OS to the next. I don't care if it costs more time because I have to reinstall my apps. It gives me a pristine installation. Going to Win 8 CP is a beta OS. One should never upgrade to a beta IMHO. This is just asking for trouble.

    The Win 8 RP will be out in early June. This next beta OS will REQUIRE a Custom (Clean) install, so be prepared.

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    Default Re: Why doesn't the screen saver work?

    It is the default for Windows 8 screensaver preview. Maybe a bug. I has been reported several times the MS, so hopefully will be improved in the final version. But confirm, otherwise, your screen saver is working ok?

Thread: Why doesn't the screen saver work? - Windows 8

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