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    Default Why cant delete file from windows Media Player

    Hi all,

    I cant delete video files from Windows Media Player. I believe that I somehow deleted them before but standard pictures still show up in video library for all deleted files and trying to right click and delete them is not removing them from the library. I did not get any error message when I try and delete them and when I try and play them I get Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file.

    I have read threads from other forum and tried to fix, but nothing work. I do not want to play the file just want to delete it. Hope you guys here can help me. Thank you very much!

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    Default Re: Why cant delete file from windows Media Player

    Install CCleaner & make sure that "Windows Media Player" is checked for cleaning. This should take care of the issue. If not, post back, there is a stronger cleaner for Windows & Linux called "BleachBit", but one has to be extremely careful using this on a Windows OS.

    CCleaner normally removes these type of files & much more. If you decide to use BleachBit, please read the manual very carefully, as system files can be easily deleted with careless usage.


Thread: Why cant delete file from windows Media Player - Windows 8

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