Yes, it works with that version, it's the most sought out version of Windows in history in a one month time frame (Windows 8 Pro).

Here's the site to get your free key for WMC. Type in your email address (only one key per address) & code to the right underneath.

Add features - Microsoft Windows

And if you get it inside of 72 hours, consider yourself lucky. Many users, including myself are waiting 5 to 6 days & longer (I got my last one in 6 days, one day after contacting MS on the issue). Just a fair warning. It's weird how a company that's assigned a certain batch of keys by MS electronically, takes 3 days, oftentimes 5 to 6 & longer, to email them to customers. All they have to do is randomly generate a unassigned key for the next customer & go on. My first one arrived in 20 hours, so there must be some feet dragging going on.