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    Default Win8 RP couldn't install

    Hi all,

    I've downloaded the ISO from microsoft website and tried a fresh install. I see Windows on the screen and a circle of dots that just goes round and round for hours without doing anything more. So I tried loading it from Win8 CP over Win8 CP. It went on and on and then said it was going to reboot but the screen went black and everything stopped. When I rebooted I got a message that said Win8 RP couldn't install and it was reverting to Win8 CP!

    What has happened?

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    Default Re: Win8 RP couldn't install

    Did you burn a DVD using a slow burn, or did you try an inplace upgrade? If you did not use the DVD method then do so.

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    Default Re: Win8 RP couldn't install

    That's really weird!

    Was this PC already running Win-8/CP with NO problems?
    By the way, you never did mention anything about the age or type of PC you're using.
    That's pretty important, when you're asking for help. Eh?

    As a Computer Tech, here's what I'd do.
    I'd boot up with my Utilities CD and wipe the hard drive, probably by running FDISK on it
    and removing the partitions and creating one new partition. Then I would FORMAT the
    one partition with the DOS Format program. That would certify the drive and block out
    any bad sectors. It's what I do on every new, or used, drive that I get, that I want to put
    an OS on.
    A 'Clean' install is not really 'Clean', unless it's done on a CLEAN hard drive. Eh?

    Then boot up the PC with the Win-8 install DVD and follow the prompts for a "Custom" install.
    Don't forget to have the Legal registration key handy when you start the install.

    * Be aware, there are PC's that would tolerate Win-8/CP that won't tolerate Win-8/RP.
    And, of course, make sure you're trying to install the proper version of the OS for the
    CPU you're using. (32 bit OS on a 32 bit CPU, and the 64 bit OS on a 64 bit CPU)

    I actually installed the 64 bit version of Win-8/CP on a seven year old, 32 bit, Compaq desktop
    PC, (by mistake) and it installed and ran OK. I've still not figured that one out.

    Good Luck to you!
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Thread: Win8 RP couldn't install - Windows 8

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