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    Default Volume License Enterprise Edition questions

    For those folks with MSDN paid subscriptions, questions concerning your VL downloads or Win 8 Enterprise edition should be directing your questions to MSDN rather than this forum. They will have much more information concerning your license, download or installation, including activation than we in this forum.

    We are geared more toward the individual user rather than the VL Enterprise user.


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    Default Re: Volume License Enterprise Edition questions

    Thank you for posting this important info, Ted. First off, paid subscribers not only has a forum, but depending upon subscription level, actually gets a certain number of complimentary "one on one" service calls as a member benefit. If I'm paying for a benefit, I'm going to use it when necessary.

    This is the same as those with who buys Full version licenses & needs MS support, they do fully back the software while in mainstream support.

    Also, this separates those who are really subscribers from those who are pirates. Genuine MSDN/TechNet members has a forum, with plenty of already answered questions on tens of thousands of topics, there is no need to fear turning to that forum, if a genuine member. No need to ask questions pertaining to those topics here.

    The one thing that this does leave unanswered though, is the tens of thousands (if not more) who has downloaded & installed Windows 8 Enterprise without a subscription. The offer was available to all, the only thing required was a Hotmail (or Outlook) address, once I signed on, my Profile showed as either Business or Professional (I don't know why this myself), but 8 Enterprise was freely available to me.

    However, after a few hours of use, I saw it as a Plain Jane OS, the corners squared rather than rounded, that Windows 7 Home Basic Look, the blue/gray mix on the top & bottom of the screen, rather than clear. Of course it was faster, probably due to these things, this OS is geared toward corporate environments, not home users.

    It is unfortunate, but many users has obtained these downloads the same way, no questions was asked of them (unlike with Windows 7 Enterprise). My suggestion for these would be to check with Microsoft Answers, they have many answers in regard to this OS.

    If I see another outlet for assistance for Windows 8 Enterprise, I'll post it here. Remember, this is just a 90 day trial, the real deal is around the corner (10/26, 2 months from tomorrow).

    Ted is very correct, we are geared towards the individual user (at this time), not VL, RTM & Enterprise users. In the future (post 10/26), we'll be geared to address individual & business users who purchases a Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro + Media Center license, either through online, retail, or pre-installed on a new computer.

    Still, no VL or Enterprise advice will be given here. It will be beyond the scope of the Forum, plus there will be other outlets to advise these users. These outlets should be provided with the software, especially VL users. MSDN/TechNet users should continue to use their respective forums.


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    Default Re: Volume License Enterprise Edition questions

    Thanks for Kind information.

Thread: Volume License Enterprise Edition questions - Windows 8


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