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    Default Pending in installing windows 8

    Hi all,

    I ran a fresh install of the release preview from the ISO disc. It takes its time with the loading step, then skips really quickly over the install and updates steps. It says it needs to reboot, then goes straight back into the install cycle. Over and over.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Pending in installing windows 8

    Do you leave the DVD in and choose to boot to DVD? After the initial reboot you DO NOT want to boot to DVD or it will continue to start over. Once it does this initial reboot, let the install start from HD and remove the DVD.

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    Default Re: Pending in installing windows 8

    More than likely, the computer is set to boot from the optical drive first. The solution that was given above will take care of this issue, to get the install done.

    I used to have my computers set this way, but some CD/DVD's auto start w/o any input from the user, so in the BIOS, I've set to boot from the drive containing the OS first, & the optical drive 2nd. There's another option that usually shows, an network one, I always leave it last, as that must be for a specialized function.

    Aadne, if you have followed the instructions given, & Win 8 RP doesn't install, please post back. Make sure to give the make & model of your computer in your post. HP computers that has been built in the past several years (post Compaq acquisition) tends to give troubles during the install process more than others. On most of these, there is a workaround.

    Best of Luck,

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