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    Default How to set users of administrator in windows 8

    Hi there:

    I want to ask i am always the ordinary uesr of my computer, so how can i change my account form ordinary user to administrator? I don't know why if i use some software my windows 8 system indicates me that i need administrator rights and some softwares don't need. How can i set as administrator when i operate everything on my computer?

    Thank you guys, please reply me...

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    Default Re: How to set users of administrator in windows 8

    First I am new at this myself, so sorry if I don't get it all right.
    First you have to be signed in as the administrator to change any users account settings.
    Second go to the bottom right hand corner of your screen. The tool bar should appear above with Search, Share, Start, Devices, Settings. Click on Settings.
    Third go to Control Panel.
    Fourth click on User Accounts and Family Safety.
    Fifth click on User Accounts.
    Sixth click Manage another account.
    Seventh Choose the User you want to change.
    Eighth Click Change the account type.
    Ninth Change the account you use from Standard to Administrator. Click Change account type.
    And congratulations, you have managed you account settings.

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    Default Re: How to set users of administrator in windows 8

    bestmandi, Welcome to our Forum. Thank you for a very informed answer. Unfortunately the original post was quite old, probably during the Win 8 DP days. You will find many older posts here as well as newer posts pertaining to Win 8 CP. The key is to look at the post dates. Anything around or after February 29th, 2012 will most likely be concerning Win 8 CP. Most posts before that date were probably for Win 8 DP.

    Again I thank you for an in depth answer and look forward to your next post. This could help the next person with a similar problem that is using Win 8 CP since they are similar in this section. Please come back often. Good Job!

    The Terminator!

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