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    Default How to restore Windows 7 on Windows 8

    I installed Windows 8 on my PC (non-dual boot). Now I want to go back to Windows 7, but system restore doesn't offer a date to that time, and no available "restore" date specified the installation of Windows 8.

    If I reinstall Windows 8 via its CD, will my files be losed?


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    Default Re: How to restore Windows 7 on Windows 8

    You cannot go back to Win 7 once you have installed Win 8 CP over Win 7. The only way to recover would have been to have created an Image prior to installing Win 8 CP into the Win 7 partition. You should have set up a dual boot scenario rather than installing directly into your Win 7 partition. Your only recourse at this point is to completely reinstall Win 7 from scratch.

    Too many newbies are trying Win 8 CP and destroying their PCs.

    Sometimes I wish MS would not do a wholesale release of a beta like this. There are a ton of people downloading Win 8 CP and trying to load it into VMs or Dual Boots that have no idea what they are doing, and they are destroying their host or primary OS without creating an Image first.

    For those of you contemplating trying this, PLEASE, read about Imaging FIRST!!!

    That way WHEN, not IF but WHEN you screw up you will be able to restore prior to your next attempt. I know this is a learning process. But PLEASE take baby steps and the first step is to CREATE AN IMAGE!!!

Thread: How to restore Windows 7 on Windows 8 - Windows 8

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