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    Default Error code: 0x80070570

    I am starting this thread for one of my friends.

    when he installs win8 CP, an error code appears.

    like that: Error code: 0x80070570

    windows cannot install required file. The file may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation.
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    Default Re: Error code: 0x80070570

    For anyone, getting such an error message, for any reason, just Google it. You will get everything ever written about that error message.
    Here is just the first URL in a very long list.
    How To Fix 0x80070570 Error?

    Possibly, your install disk is damaged or your download was corrupted.

    Download the install file again and burn a new DVD, using a slow burn speed like 2X or 4X.
    A SLOW burn is the best burn!

    Reformat your HD before trying the install again, to remove all errors on the HD surface.

    Good Luck!

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Thread: Error code: 0x80070570 - Windows 8

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