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    Default Dual boot with Windows 8, partition issues

    Hi, I'm trying to do a dual boot with Win 8 and XP. The issue is, I have Win 8 installed first. My partition table looks like this:

    Win 8
    Win 8 Page file
    Win XP
    Win XP Page File

    I used Acronis Disk Director DOS to make the partitions, the Win 8 and XP ones are primary (Win 8 one active), the others are logical. I reformatted the Win XP partition in Acronis and set it as active then proceeded to install XP. For some reason XP decides to install the boot files on the Windows 8 drive instead of the Active one which it is being installed to every time (i.e. it installs the files to E: but points it's installation to C: so it never boots), and as it also screws up the Win 8 boot loader, I end up not being able to boot into either OS.

    Now today I tried to format the partition from Windows 8 thinking maybe Acronis doesn't properly set it as a Primary partition or what not, and guess what it did - it completely nuked everything after the Win 7 swap file. That's right, it literally destroyed 5 partitions with several hundred GB of data on them, leaving "Unnallocated space". You can imagine the look on my face.

    Anyway - thanks to Active Partition Recovery program I was able to get my data back intact, but this is the last time I handle even the simplest tasks to Disk Management in Windows (I've actually had Win 8 wipe out pre-formatted partitions during installation as well, what's the matter, can't it handle more than 4 partitions? )

    So in what way can I set up a dual boot with 8 and XP without having to delete both OS's and install XP first?


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    Default Re: Dual boot with Windows 8, partition issues

    Is there any one can deal with my Windows 8 problem?

    I'd like to add some points to the geek who solve this issue for me. THX

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    Default Re: Dual boot with Windows 8, partition issues

    Hi guys,

    If you have only one partition, follow the instructions below to resolve your issue of dual boot with Windows 8.

    1. Click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator.

    2. In the elevated command prompt, type diskpart and press Enter.

    3. In the elevated command prompt, type list disk and press Enter.This is to help you ID the disk that has Free space that you want to extend.

    4. In the elevated command prompt, type select volume [volume number] and press Enter.

    5. When the right disk and partitions were selected, perform the extend command. If you don't specify the size to extend by, then the command will extend the partition by using all of the contiguous space available on that disk.

Thread: Dual boot with Windows 8, partition issues - Windows 8

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