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    Unhappy Black Screen during install

    I've tried and tried to install windows 8. I'm trying to install on a different HD where I have created a 300 GB partition. I've UN-hooked all other HD's and still get a black screen after the first reboot after I start install. I'm using an EVGA GeForce 520 video card and my MB doesn't have on-board Video so that's what I have to use. Any Help out there?
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    Default Re: Black Screen during install

    Where did you get the iso file from? Was it the approved site or a torrent site? Did you copy the key exactly? Did you burn the iso file to a DVD using a slow burn rate (4X max)? These can all cause you problems.

    At this point you might as well wait because the latest rumor is that the next beta release, Win 8 RP, will be released on June 1st. When this next beta is released, it will require a clean install, so you will have to go through all these steps again. Shortly after this release, Win 8 CP will deactivate, so at this late stage you are probably better served to wait a few days.

    Once Win 8 RP is released, we will be posting the approved download site(s). Download the iso file, burn it to DVD then install to your HD. TechnoMage has tested installing Win 8 CP to a completely bare unformatted HD. I cannot find the thread. Perhaps he will jump in here and add a link to the thread or post his findings again. Again though you have the time because Win 8 RP is expected in a few days.
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    Default Re: Black Screen during install

    I've done some editing in this thread, to fix spelling and punctuation errors.
    I encourage everyone to use a Spell Checker when posting to forums.

    There was some confusion, in other threads, about installing Windows 8 to a completely BLANK hard drive, so I did an experiment to clear up the confusion, at least in my own mind.

    I took a spare 80 gig hard drive and wiped it clean, returning it to 'Brand New' condition.
    Then, with it being the ONLY hard drive connected to my system, I booted up with my Windows 8/CP/32 boot disk and started the install. I quickly found out that I needed to use the "CUSTOM" install option, and even then I had to click on the *NEW icon to tell the installer that I wanted it to partition and format the drive, which it did.

    Then the install went off without a hitch (with NO problems).

    Now in just a few days, that drive will get a new version of Win-8, when the next version is released (in June).

    Cheers Mates! Happy Testing!

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Thread: Black Screen during install - Windows 8


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