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    Microsoft has added several new features to Windows virtual pc to make it easy to use and to help you many older windows XP and Windows 7 applications in Windows 8. In fact, Microsoft theoretically doesn't allow Virtual PC to even run on anything but Windows 7, XP or the three more exalted editions of Windows 8. That's not to say Virtual PC doesn't run there, anyway, however. And, fortunately, the installation procedure is the same for Virtual PC whether you're licensed for Windows 7 or Windows 8. For many computer newbie, how to best configure windows 8 virtual pc to work for us is quite difficult. Here I will introduce some important operation steps:

    1. Check your processor

    Intel and AMD have both built hooks into their processors that allow the host and guest operating system (the virtual machine) to trade off tasks more smoothly. Before download virtual pc, you should make sure your computer can digest it. About this part, Microsoft provides a free utility to check your processor.

    2. Download virtual PC

    Then you should pay more attention to the difference of Windows 8 64 bit or 128 bit. Virtual Pc cares about the difference. Either way, get the right edition for your machine. For example, VirtualBox, one kind of "virtual PC" software, can help you to run two or more Windows, DOS, LINUX system on one computer at the same time. Compared to “multi-start” system, it has adopted completely different concepts. Multi-start system can only run one system in a moment and you need to restart the computer when you want to switch system. VirtualBox can really provide multiple operating systems “simultaneously” running on the main system platform, just like switching the standard windows applications. It is extremely convenient for you, because you can make a virtual partition and configuration on every operating system without affecting the real hard disk data, even connect several virtual machines to a local area network through the NIC.

    3. Build up your VM

    After the installation package download job have been finished, launch it and follow instructions. Then click the Start menu and find Virtual PC. It will launch a Wizard that offers the choice of opening an existing virtual PC, creating one with default settings or will walk you through the process of configuring one yourself.

    It is impossible to introduce the virtual pc installation step by step. In fact, the whole installation process is quite simple if you follow the installation instructions. Only one thing you should keep in mind is that the VM doesn't know it's not the only computer on your computer, so when you click on anything in its window, will capture the cursor and not let it go again, which would be really embarrassing if anyone wandered in to see why you were cursing at your laptop.

    If you want to get more Windows 8 virtual pc information, please pay more attention to this forum. It is a newsletter of windows 8 and will provide a few more warnings and tips for Windows 8 usage.

    Note: VMware doesn't support Windows 8 Developer Preview Edition, but VirtualBox does. So please go and search latest VirtualBox for Windows 8 for your Windows 8 Virtual PC
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