• Windows 8, IE10 suffer multiple critical zero-day vulnerabilities

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    Researchers at Vupen, a private security firm based in France, claim to have found multiple, critical vulnerabilities in Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10. The team's exploits allow hackers to remotely execute code, allowing crafty individuals to potentially gain control of a Windows 8 computer. PCWorld's naughtily-named article has the details.

    Despite Vupen's contrarian discoveries, Windows 8 is easily Microsoft's most secure operating system ever: system-wide SmartScreen, ASLR, Secure Boot, Metro app sandboxing are just a few of the reasons why. Even Vupen's CEO seems to agree with this assessment, stating "This new Microsoft operating system is definitely the most secure version of Windows so far".

    Admittedly though, the bar hasn't been set very high by previous Windows versions. Critical vulnerabilities are seemingly found on a weekly basis, but I don't believe anyone expects such a huge, sprawling bundle of code to be unhackable -- especially this close after launch.

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