• Windows 8 Format & Clean Installation

    Knowledge about Windows 8 format becomes a necessity for vast Windows 8 users, for Windows 8 is superior to all the previous windows operating system, which is why more and more users attempt to install Windows 8 by themselves.

    In the following paragraphs, Windows 8 format will be introduced. If you want to bear these steps in mind, you can read and practice.

    1. Click to open Control Panel in the Start Menu;

    2. Click System and Security in the new window popping up;

    3. Find the Management Tool (the last but one)on the bottom of the new window, and then click the third option “Create and Format Hard Disk Partition”;

    4. A new and smaller window will pop up covering the former one. Though there are three options for you, click the last one “New Volume” ;

    5. Below the three options, several hard disks are listed here. You can choose which one to be formatted in Windows 8. Right click on the will-be formatted one;

    6. Click “format” during all the options, and an even smaller window will appear. There are three boxes for you to fill in. Enter the name of the Volume Label, and choose NTFS in the File System and Default Volume in the Allocation Unit Size. In the same window, check Quick Format and finally check Yes;

    7. A box will pop up to ask to make sure to format it, saying the disk is in use, click Yes to continue format.

    Then the certain disk or volume you want to format in Windows 8 will be absolutely formatted.

    However, before the Windows 8 format, users should pay attention to the following points:

    1. Whether there are important files; if any, back them up;

    2. Please avoid the power failure or hard disk shake;

    3.In the File System, you’d better choose NIFS.

    As for the clean installation, please refer to Windows 8 Installation Guide /Tutorial in this forum.
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