• Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death

    Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death (BSoD, bluescreen or Blue Screen of Doom), also known as stop error screen or bug check screen, is caused by a fatal system error and is the error screen displayed by the Microsoft Windows 8 upon encountering a critical error, of a non-recoverable nature, that causes the system to "crash." Normally white text is displayed on a blue background (hence the common name, BSoD).

    Why does Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death happen?

    Generally speaking, these five factors will cause the BSoD in Windows 8 operating system.
    1. Software errors. Errors or problems of software or device drivers installed in your computer will cause a stop error, either constantly or under certain conditions.
    2. Hardware errors. Hardware device malfunctions or removing during Windows 8 operation, or no fully support of hardware to the operations that Windows 8 e8ects it to do will also lead to a hardware stop error. Outdated BIOS information on older computers might also be an issue (This situation is less in Windows 8 OS).
    3. Installation errors. The Windows 8 installation process is the most sensitive time for hardware and disk errors. If there is a problem with your computer's hardware configuration or the media you are using to install Win 8, a stop error will likely occur.
    4. Startup errors. Corrupted system files, hardware and driver errors can all cause Windows 8 to halt with a stop message without correctly booting into Windows. An error of this sort will almost always require troubleshooting before Windows can be loaded correctly.
    5. Intermittent errors. This is the most irritating type of stop error, which appears consistently and apparently randomly. The most likely factors for this include: defective system memory, an overheating processor, dead or dieing hard drive or faulty software and device drivers.

    This article aims at providing a generic set of troubleshooting steps which will allow you to analyze and hopefully identify the cause of the error and correct it, instead of specific instructions for fixing each possible Blue Screen Of Death issue in Windows 8.
    1.Take down all the useful information in case of a Blue Screen of Death: error number and name from the 'bugcheck' section of the stop error, and any file name in the 'driver information' section.
    2.Try restarting the computer normally into Windows 8. If the BSoD occurrs while booting Windows 8, you may be taken to a troubleshooting menu and will have to select 'attempt to start Windows 8normally. If your computer starts correctly, continue using it and store the error information for later reference.

    Of course, there are more troubleshooting methods to Window 8 Blue Screen of Death, while what I know is all above. More information will be added to it for further Windows 8 learning.
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