• Microsoft Windows 8 - All or Nothing?

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    With the release of Microsoft Windows 8 late last week still fresh in our minds, some commentary by tech analyst Jeff Kagan really stood out for me.

    Kagan is reported (on this site) to have said "The problem is that Microsoft is not giving users the chance to get used to the new operating system slowly. Instead they are launching this in an all-or-nothing way."

    It wasn’t so much the “The problem is...” line; analysts in particular have to pepper their work with pros and cons - it is an expected feature. The interesting part in my opinion was “all-or-nothing way”.

    Traditionally, Microsoft has tried to maintain a high level of backwards compatibility. When you have such large share of the desktop market and your largest clients are slow-moving megacorps and governments, there is a lot of friction to changing the fundamentals. It is actually an impressive feat that recent versions of Windows can still run much of the software written for it for the last decade unchanged.

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