• Intel says 20 Atom Windows 8 tablets in the works

    Intel chief executive Paul Otellini has said there are currently 20 tablet devices in development running Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform on the company’s Atom ‘Clover Trail’ system-on-chip (SOC). These devices are expected to launch later this year when Microsoft launches its new OS, Windows 8.

    Chief executive of Intel, Paul Otellini, hosted an investor call during which he announced the number of Windows 8 devices currently being created using its hardware architecture.

    ’We are also tracking more than 20 Windows 8 tablet designs based on our low-power and low-cost Clover Trail Atom SOC, in addition to a number of Core-based tablets,’ he said.

    Otellini also explained there would be a dozen ‘convertible’ and ‘touch enabled’ devices based on the ‘Ivy Bridge’ architecture, which would suggest hybrid laptop and tablet devices similar to the Microsoft Surface and Asus 600.

    ’We are very pleased with the level of innovation and invention being brought into this category, and are now tracking over 140 Ivy Bridge-based designs in the pipeline. Of those, more than 40 will be touch-enabled, and a dozen will be convertibles,’ he said.

    Intel-based Windows 8 devices will be running Windows 8 Pro which will feature both the distinctive ‘Metro’ UI, with Live Tiles, Windows Marketplace apps and an emphasis on using the touchscreen, and a more conventional PC style ‘Classic’ mode with a taskbar, Start menu and the ability to run legacy software.

    There are going to be plenty more Windows 8 tablets than just the ones mentioned by Otellini, however, and these will be based on ARM architecture and running the purpose-built, Metro only Windows RT.

    Source: knowyourmobile.com
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