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    By convention, Windows 8 trial is also only 30 days as Windows 7. While for a great number of Windows users, a genuine Windows 8 is quite expensive to get. Then have you got the information that you can install Windows 8 without any license key but to enjoy it for 30 days free? What you might not know is that a free 120-day use for Windows 8 has become a possibility, without requiring a key.

    I have dug the method out, for the sake of your convenience.

    Generally speaking, this basic way also works in Windows 8 trial, just like in Windows 7. To be specific, the way is that at the end of the 30 days, a small command will need to be run, and then you can reboot your computer so that you’ll have 30 more days, and up to a maximum of 120 days. This trick can work regardless of where you got your copy of Windows 8 from.

    Detailed steps are as follows:

    Checking left free days. That is to say, you will need to check how many days are left about your trial period. Then how? Please choose Properties by right-click Computer. Then Windows 8 system will pop up a window, at the bottom of which you will get a number indicating the left Windows 8 trial days.

    Extending Windows 8 trial mode. Click Command Prompt in the Start menu, or you can search for it. A right click on Command Prompt will be required and then choose Run as administrator among several options, which is critical. Then a CMD windows will pop up with black background.

    Entering command. Please type “slmgr-rearm” in this window. Several seconds later, w dialogue will show up, saying the successful completeness of the entered command and asking you to restart the Windows 8 system for the changes to take effect. What you need to do is to check OK.

    Checking Windows 8 Properties again, in the way mentioned at the very beginning of the methods. Then at the bottom of the window popped up, you can see there are 30 more days for Windows 8 trial is left.

    Besides make sure that you try this trick on Windows 8 near the end of the trial expiry. Extending the trial of Windows 8 just on the last day before the activation is recommended. While more days to be extended has not been tried by me. Perhaps that will be a success.

    Anyhow, I have succeeded in extending it. Hope you can be as lucky as me.
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