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    DVD Shrink, a freeware running on Microsoft Windows operating system, is used to compress and burn DVD. You can explore something useful about DVD Shrink Windows 8 in this article

    First of all, the fundamental function of DVD Shrink on Windows 8 is to burn the high-capacity DVD data, which can’t be burnt on a common DVD, into a disc or output to the hard disc after compressing. While the quality of the compressed data will be worse or the unnecessary audio track or subtitle will be deleted. In a word, DVD Shrink is a DVD transcoder program for Microsoft Windows that uses a DVD ripper to back up DVD movies.

    Then, DVD Shrink on Windows 8, an-easy-to-use software, is contained within a single executable file which is only one megabyte in size. The program features a DeCSS decryption algorithm and a VBR encoder. The user is able to choose how the compression is to be distributed across the DVD. DVD Shrink can automatically re-compress video to as little as 39% of its original size, depending on the aspect ratio of the original DVD (with a corresponding loss in quality) to allow it to fit on a standard DVD±R(W), a Dual-Layer DVD+R, or any user-defined custom size. When "Deep Analysis" and "Adaptive Error Compensation" options are selected, the quality of the resulting DVD is improved. These options are time-consuming, for DVD Shrink runs through the DVD once doing the analysis, and then again doing the encoding. During the encoding, it decodes, decompresses, re-compresses and recodes the video.
    In addition, DVD Shrink operates in two main modes on Windows 8, "Reauthor" and "Full Disk". The first mode allows the user to choose DVD elements (Main Title, audio tracks and subtitles, and Special Features) to be retained on the "shrunken" DVD; and menus are not selectable. Main Title can be selected for automatic compression, to fit it onto the selected size of DVD. If Special Features are also selected, their compression may be manually selected at the minimum possible using the Custom Ratio option, to give disk space to the Main Title. And the latter one allows the user to make a functionally identical backup copy without changes. Sections of the DVD, such as unwanted messages or logos/titles, can be replaced with still images, saving disk space for the Main Title. The compression can be Automatic or Manual, which allows selection of greatest compression for Menus or Special Features, to save disc space for the Main Title.

    However, for DVD shrink has violated the copyright law in American, there are no more products. Though the official website still exists, there is no access for Windows 8 users to download. But you can get this software from some non-official website by entering the keywords “DVD Shrink” in search engine
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