• Buy Windows 8 Pro: digital download for €59.99?

    We already know that Microsoft will make available Windows 8 upgrades for $39.99 regardless of the version of Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 that is the upgrade being bought for. And while this appears to be a promotional offer that is valid until January 2013, it is likely that upgrade prices won’t increase much afterwards.

    Customers who bought an eligible PC with Windows 7 get an upgrade opportunity for $14.99 or even for free, depending on the PC that they have purchased.

    What we did not know yet was how much Microsoft would be charging for retail copies of the operating system. While many assumed that the price would be below $100, no one knew how much below it would turn out to be. A leaked screenshot now suggests that Microsoft will charge €59.99 for a digital Windows 8 Pro version. If you convert the Euro price into Dollar you end up with roughly $75 if Microsoft is using current exchange courses. It can very well be that customers from the US will pay less than that, as it is quite common that US retail prices are converted 1:1 to Euro.

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    The €59.99 get you a Windows 8 Pro product key and digital download of the operating system. If you want a Windows DVD on top of that, you’d have to pay another €14.99 for shipping and handling, which is about $19 US Dollars.

    The legitimacy of the screenshot has not been yet verified by Microsoft, and it is unlikely that the company will do so. For now though, that is all the information we have. And while some of the texts appear unfinished on the screen, it could very well be the price you can buy Windows 8 Pro for.

    To sum it up:

    * Windows 8 Pro Upgrade for $39.99
    * Windows 8 Pro for €59.99 or $75 (or maybe $69.99)

    Are you planning on buying or upgrading to Windows 8? If so, how much money would you pay for a digital download, Windows 8 DVD, or upgrade?

    Source: ghacks.net
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    1. catilley1092's Avatar
      catilley1092 -
      $69.99 sounds good to me! I need a copy of Win 8 Pro that will run on a separate SSD from Win 7 Pro. Hopefully, it's going to work out.

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