• AMD Eyes Windows 8 Tablets With New Hondo APUs

    Advanced Micro Devices apparently didn't want its larger rival Intel to steal the show at the upcoming Windows 8 launch later this month. The company announced Tuesday that its new Z-60 chip is tailor-made for performance tablets and will be ready to go when Microsoft launches its next-gen, touch-optimized operating system on Oct. 26.

    The Z-60, formerly code named Hondo, is another AMD accelerated processing unit (APU), meaning it combines x86-based central processing with the company's Radeon-branded graphics technology on a single chip. Hondo is a dual-core, 1GHz APU featuring AMD's Bobcat CPU cores and 80 GPU cores worth of Radeon HD 6250 graphics.

    The new APU is suitable for tablets as thin as 10 millimeters and supports up to eight hours of battery life while surfing the Web or six hours during HD video playback, according to AMD.

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