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    Fauzy Sadland

    Fail clean install windows 8 on ssd

    I am having LENOVO Y410P laptop which was with win8 original. Now i want replace my hdd with ssd and Now I am installing Windows 8.1 on my LAPTOP from usb and dvd (Custom installation ) but I get the...

    Fauzy Sadland 8 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Re: Can't delete files, says I'm not the administrator, and I am, the only one.


    I have to setup new PC's every week (or so) and I have a list of things I will either install or run during the Install process.
    That list includes,
    Show all files, including hidden...

    TechnoMage 20 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Re: Fiire up your 10049... Build 10061 is OUT!

    Well, that was four weeks ago, and now the Next Big Thing is 10122, available in both x86 and x64 from my favorite FTP site. ( getintopc.com )
    All files there are clean, clear of any malware or...

    TechnoMage 1 Day Ago Go to last post

    Re: This Forum is partly HACKED

    I was seeing the same Hacker's screen, on Firefox, the only browser I use. I.E. and Project Spartan, now called Edge, both SUCK big time.

    It looks like someone, somewhere have been working to...

    TechnoMage 1 Day Ago Go to last post

    Re: Win 10 Build 10122 Windows Update Now Available

    I'm (at) Home!
    And yes, 10122 works.
    I'm trying to live with it, al'natural. That is, just the way it came from MS, without the Classic Shell, which I MUST use for Windows 8.1.
    The return of a...

    TechnoMage 3 Days Ago Go to last post
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