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    Default USB 3.0 not compatible with Windows 8

    Hi all,

    I Have Windows 8 RP installed on my A ThinkPad E430 Laptop with 3 USB 3.0 Ports. Im not able to get USB 3 Speeds on it. I have a WD USB 3.0 Hard Disk, but the transfer speeds are like 2.0. the drivers which i had are latest and are not compatible with Windows 8. Also i have heard that Windows 8 has built in Support for USB 3.0, What was That?

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    Default Re: USB 3.0 not compatible with Windows 8

    I suppose each install turns out different. After installing Win 8 RP onto my notebook, the supplied drivers gave me faster USB3 speed than my OEM drivers supplied with Windows 7. According the the Device Manager, in 8 RP, this was called:

    Renesas USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller - 0096 (Microsoft)

    The way extensible was written reminded me of the Ballmer-Cook feud, obviously the capital X (like Apple uses often) is going to pour some gas on the fire between the two. As Apple cannot trademark an alphabet, capital or no.

    But the controller & drivers works wonderfully for me. Although MS did include USB3 support for many computers, it was impossible to include support for all possible makes & models. They may be included in the future, or supplied be IBM, if not supplied by IBM/Lenovo, MS will, being that they promised USB3 support.

    It could (& likely) be that after Windows 8 goes to full retail availability, Lenovo will offer a new System Update Utility, specially for Windows 8, to update all qualifying Lenovo computers to the latest drivers/apps for the OS. But this won't happen prior to 10/26. Qualifying computers will mean those which the hardware supports Windows 8, which should most automatically include those designed for Vista & forward. Some later XP models may also qualify.

    Fortunately, you're in far better hands than HP owners are. Lenovo is a good corporation that stands behind their products with hardware updates/patches as needed. I have an older ThinkPad T42, running XP Pro, that it's System Update Utility still provides updates for, if released for the model. The last was an updated BIOS. If they're supporting 2004 model products, certainly they're going to support newer ones.

    Just be patient, as an IBM owner myself, I'm confident that you'll be taken care of.


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