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    Default resize hard drive partition in Windows 8

    I've bought my laptop for almost one year, there is only one partition for whole hard drive. yesterday, my system crashed, I have to reinstall my system to Windows 8, all the files have gone.

    It is so terrible!!! All the things lost!!!

    And now I want to resize hard drive partition under windows 8. Divide the whole partition, hard drive into two parts, one for system and one for important data. People tell me that if I do so, my data will suffer no loss if I reinstall Windows 8.

    So how can I resize hard drive partition into two parts under Windows 8?

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    Default Re: resize hard drive partition in Windows 8

    Hi windows,

    Partitions divide the hard drive space into sections to make it quicker to search and index, open applications, access data, and add security features.

    For a start, you should download Partition Magic and install it on your Windows 8. Then Open the Partition Magic application by opening your Start Menu, selecting "All Programs">>"Partition Magic." If this is a fresh installation you may be prompted to create rescue diskettes which is recommended but requires a 3 1/2 inch floppy drive. Follow the self-explanatory instructions if you choose to create these. Otherwise hit Cancel.

    Next is to click "Resize a partition" in the left hand menu. You can see a screenshot of the Partition Magic interface here. Click "Next" when the Resize Partition window opens

    Select the disk that contains the partition you want to resize. Click "Next" at the bottom of the window.

    Hope you can enjoy it.

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    Default Re: resize hard drive partition in Windows 8

    I also want to resize hard drive partition for Windows 8. And I tried some 3rd party partition tools. EaseUs, I know this is a good partition software, however, it can not support Windows 8 currently, so, I googled some other partition software, I found an article and tried the program named Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition, it is absolutely free for use.
    Aha, I think this Windows 8 forum could help us learn more about windows 8, excellent!!!!! (:
    P.S. I have installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview in my VM. Need to get more tutorials. ZZZZZZ~~

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    Default Re: resize hard drive partition in Windows 8

    I have used Partition Wizard very effectively in Win 8 CP and Win 7 to resize partitions. move partitions, etc. Just do a Google search for Partition Wizard. You will see Partition Wizard Home Edition.

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    Default Re: resize hard drive partition in Windows 8

    Thank you "Windows".

    And now I want to resize hard drive partition under windows 8. Divide the whole partition, hard drive into two parts, one for system and one for important data.
    I've been formatting hard drives for somewhere around 30 years. It was a lot more complicated way back then, than it is now.
    For everyone who is going to muck about with their PC's, having a Partition Manager from one brand or another is as important as having a good phillips screwdriver.

    I recently got a FREE copy of "Easeus Partition Master 9.0 Pro and I used it to make the Boot CD.
    Once the CD is made, the parent program can actually be UN-Installed from the Hard Drive, to save space.

    I don't like to run backup programs, or partitioning programs from within windows. Those things are much more reliable if run from a DOS boot disk.

    For many years now, I always FDISK (Partition) and Format every new drive I get, even my 1TB Samsung SATA II drive.
    I use the DOS programs on my Windows ME Utilities CD. That sets up TWO partitions, and DOS formats both of them. Why a DOS Format, you may well ask? Well only the DOS format will examine every sector on the drive and validate that it is GOOD for data storage. Any bad sector, will be blocked and its address added to the Bad Block List and will never be used.

    After all that, should I ever want to, or need to, repartition the drive, the "Easeus Partition Master" CD is the program of choice.

    Once all that preliminary work is done, I can install any OS to the drive and I'll be sure the drive will take it without any problems. If a drive is not good, it's better to find that out during the preliminary setup than after you start installing your OS. Eh?

    As important as initial setup is to me, for my own drives, it's even more important when I'm setting up a new drive for one of my PC customers.

    Cheers Mates!
    A man with experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument.
    Backup! Backup! Backup! Ghost rocks!

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