HP Pavilion 23 running windows 8.
Ethernet to Netgear router
Printer also ethernet to Netgear router.
Printer is Epson WP-4535 (lovely printer!!)

I've installed the 1.31 version of the driver from Epson website (which lists Windows 8 compatibility). Control Panel 'Devices and Printers' shows the printer connected but 'offline'. Printer control panel says it is connected to network OK and shows IP Address - there is no 'offline' setting on the printer and a diagnostic printout of the Network Connection shows PASS for ethernet cable, IP Address Check and Detailed IP Setup Check.

But while the PC reports the printer as 'offline' of course it will not send anything to the printer but simply queues everything in the spooler.

I am now gnashing my teeth and need somebody with IT whizzo like skills to help. Please.