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    Malik Asim Ayaz

    Default MY Hp laptop card reader slot problem

    I am trying to be able to use my card reader slot for SD cards but its not working in window 8 when i use my SD card in my other laptop with window 7 it works so it mean my card is ok just it show problem in window 8 why ? Before I was using window 7 on this laptop as well and slot was working perfectly.
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    Default Re: MY Hp laptop card reader slot problem

    You need to reinstall the cardreader driver for your laptop from your laptops website.

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    Default Re: MY Hp laptop card reader slot problem

    A lot of existing drivers are being screwed up by both Win 8 and 8.1. Like when I installed Win 8 on a Vista laptop, the driver was set from Nvidia graphics to Microsoft Basic Graphics (or whatever is that called). You need to find the exact model of your hardware and go to manufacturer's website to look for Win 8 supported drivers. Win 8/8.1 does not adapt itself to any existing drivers installed on PCs but rather replace them with the basic ones to make sure that your system at least works instantly when you install the OS. But it runs on minimum specs. You have to manually tweak it.

    As for USB devices, one trick I've learned is to go to Device Manager and uninstall the USB device there manually, reboot and then reinstall it there also. Basically, you are just resetting the installation. If it doesn't work that way, the driver has to be replaced with Win 8 supported drivers.
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