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    Default Mouse Scroll Not Working

    I have recently just installed Windows 8 on my HP Pavilion a6550a computer and the mouse that came with it isn't scrolling properly.

    Every time I use a program (e.g. Google Chrome, VLC) or even just trying to adjust the computer volume, anything that involves using a scroll function doesn't work properly at all and it is making it very difficult for me to use my computer.

    It moves around fast and scrolls uncontrollably without myself being able to control it. I tried to fix it by changing the mouse wheel settings to see if that would help but it doesn't seem to work what-so-ever.

    I've even tried checking to see if the mouse's hardware is up-to-date, but everything is fine.

    If would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me to resolve this problem.

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    Wayne Wastier

    Default Re: Mouse Scroll Not Working

    Your best bet is to purchase a new mouse. Either get a Logitech or a Microsoft mouse. They both work great in Windows 8.

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    Default Re: Mouse Scroll Not Working

    Have you tried the mouse on other computer? If same thing, that is the mouse issue and not windows 8 issue. Then, like Wayne Wastier said, you need to buy a new mouse.

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    Default Re: Mouse Scroll Not Working

    Mmmmm open your mouse and check out the scroll buttun becasue i think this is problem in your mouse and your scroll buttun is not ajdust on one place sometime this will happen so you should try to check this...

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